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PH: 1300 453 375

Take Control Of Your Online Reputation

Your online ratings and reviews are a critical part of your marketing and one that you should control. 

The ratings and reviews that are published on review sites and directories have a direct impact on the ranking your business and website achieves on search engines such as Google. They are also a critical factor for new patients in deciding which health care professionals they will trust with their dental or health needs. 

After testing many software system to automate the time intensive tasks we felt Reputation Panel to be by far the best software and is the one that we use and recommend. Reputation Panel is an AHPRA compliant review system that you control. It allows you to gain reviews from patients with both a text review and a star rating system. The system provides your practice managers with critical feedback of patient satisfaction. It provides you with immediate alert on any negative feedback so that the patient's issue can be addressed quickly.

Having created their review and feedback, patients are free to leave reviews on review sites and directories as they always have been, however the system has provided you the opportunity to address any patient issues. This results in a significant improvement in negative reviews making to review directories and websites.

Practitioners can expect to see a significant improvement in online ratings and reviews (with additional 4 and 5 star reviews). We believe this is due to patients feeling that they have been heard, their opinions valued with any concerns quickly addressed.

As these reviews and ratings are a critical part of the Google ranking algorithms clinics with more high quality (4 and 5 star) reviews are likely to be shown higher on the search engine results, thus gaining a further increase in patient enquiries.

What you can not do

Due to the current AHPRA regulations reviews and ratings from your patients can not be displayed on any websites that the practice controls, nor can they be used in practice marketing. This in fact is not an issue from a marketing standpoint however, as they can still be seen on review sites, directories and often social media such as Facebook.  

AHPRA Guidelines (504 KB)

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