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Custom sites at custom prices

Posted on Friday, July 01, 2016 by Craig Harwood

As with everything else, when choosing a site you should make sure you do not pay for more than you are using. This is why our site plans come with affordable tiered pricing, allowing you to grow along with your business. 

Start simple

For a little more than $15 per week, plus set up charges you can start bringing your business online with a basic website. This will allow you to manage your site's content, have 10 e-mail addresses where customers can contact you, take advantage of social media sharing and allow them to fill a form to get in touch. 

Add e-mail marketing

When you are ready to grow and target your customers with more advanced features you can seamlessly move to the next plan. This will allow you to send as many as 5000 newsletters per month, automate sales responses to loyalty campaigns and build very targeted lists with the help of the built-in customer relationship management database. 
And if you think this is going to break the bank, we hope you will be happy to find out that pricing for this plan starts at just $25.00 per week. Not only is this sort of marketing highly affordable it can be an extremely effective way of educating patients and improving both relationships and patient outcomes.   


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