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Do you need to be online?

Posted on Monday, August 01, 2016 by Craig Harwood

Today's patients are more connected than ever. From researching their symptoms (unfortunately DR Google is something we now have to deal with) to reading reviews about your practice, most of the interactions happen online, before they even walk through your door. So instead of letting other people tell your story, it's important to reach out and be on the front foot. By actively address concerns and interacting with patients you can develop a significantly better patient experience  

Online made easy

Promoting your practice online should not be a complicated project. Instead, with some careful planning and the help of marketing experts you can develop a Marketing Action Plan to develop and manage your entire online presence in a systematic and efficient way.  
Our sites come complete with administration sections that let you seamlessly manage your online presence and of course our staff are there to assist when needed, or to manage the entire process for you. 

E-mailing made easy

Ever wondered how you can reach out to all those potential customers? Our sites come complete with newsletter systems and templates to help you reach people easier. Whether they fill in a form or you import an already existing customer list, once those details are in your site you can send them news on a regular basis. 

Contact our team to find out how you too can bring your business online!

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